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B2B Care

Since 2009 we have offered the B2B Care program which extends a contracted discount 30% off of our normal office fees to the companies that can not afford dental insurance for their employees.

This program is available to the small businesses of El Monte and South El Monte. Our program has already helped many business owners in the San Gabriel Valley. You are welcome to join our B2B Care anytime you wish at no cost. Call to enroll your company in the program - 626 443 5900. 

We understand that insuring employees with dental benefits is expensive, and the temptation to settle for a reduced plan or to cut the overhead altogether seem like viable options. We also know that these options may end up of costing your employees a lot more if they avoid regular oral care.

Dental insurance can be costly for an employer, and the benefits are limited. Most plans usually provides up to $1500.00 per calendar year after deductibles are met, and only after the waiting period (up to 1 year) has passed.

Through our partnership with Synchrony Financial we offer zero or low interest financing for medical needs. For example - with our B2B plan and the financing a $1,000 all ceramic crown will cost $700.00 or $59 per month if the patient qualifies for a 12 month interest free program. 

We believe that we can improve your employee’s dental health while making it easier for your company and it’s employees to find a reliable dental home. Call us to join the program - 626 443 5900.