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Preventive Treatment

Amy Gunn, RDH 

David Tran, RDH

Preventive care is the most important part of our dental treatment. Each patient's full mouth xrays and periodontal chart are reviewed by our periodontist. After emergency, gum disease, and restorative treatment is complete, we make sure that our patients have hygiene appointments scheduled in advance as recommended every 3, 4 or 6 months. Once a year we take check up xrays and measure bone level to monitor our treatment outcome. 

If you had implants placed, we recommend patients get three cleanings a year to keep the implants in top condition. Although dental implants are immune to regular gum disease, if not properly maintained the tissues and bone surrounding the implants can be become inflamed and eventually deteriorate causing the implant to fail. This is a condition called peri-implantis. Our hygienists are specifically trained to clean your implant-supported teeth. 

Meet Amy Gunn RDH, she can walk your through some basic brushing techniques: