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Prosthodontics / Implant Supported Restoration:

Dr. Hendry and Dr. Kanemaki will meet with you to discuss your goals for your mouth, review your dental and medical history and do an oral exam. We’ll also do a 3D scan of your jaw, teeth and gums using our 3D cone beam CT scanner. With the CT scanner we can see in full 360º view all these structures and are able to do a full evaluation. After thorough examination we will come up with a different options to improve your oral health. Our treatment plan coordinator will present you with different financial plans.

We provide conventional removable dental prosthesis, implant supported bridges and dentures including implant supported immediate dentures. However please remember "immediate" does not mean "permanet",  To achieve long lasting result, we need time for your body to heal before we can make your permanent prosthesis. Your treatment may take 6 to 18 months, sometimes up to 2 years. Typicaly all your appointments are scheduled in advance every 2 to 4 weeks according to your treatment plan. 

In 16-24 weeks after teeth extraction/implant placement procedure we can place your permanent, high-grade teeth, aesthetically designed and fitted just for you. We adjust them as needed so that you have a fully aligned bite (how the teeth come together).

We do several bite adjustments over the upcoming weeks until your bite alignment is just right. This is an essential part of the procedure, as a misaligned bite can cause damage to your new teeth and make for uncomfortable chewing and TMJ pain. The bite must be evenly distributed for your new teeth to work optimally without causing undue stress on the implants.